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Friday, 3 January 2014

[DOLL] Lalaloopsy Dot Starlight

Ever since I first set eyes on Lalaloopsy, I knew that I wanted a Dot Starlight.

Dot Starlight
At the time, she was pretty expensive because she was one of the original dolls and so not being made any more. I also couldn't find her anywhere except in the US on eBay! But then, with the release of the TV series, the original line of Lalas were rereleased in new packaging! They were going for a great price on Amazon US so I grabbed a Dot Starlight as well as my other favourite - Scraps Stitched 'N' Sewn, who for brevity purposes I will from here on out describe as 'Scraps'. One of the things that always put me off doll collecting was that some doll lines never seemed to be cute and individual, but I feel like Lalaloopsy fits this perfectly! 

My Lalas together
In this post I will just cover Dot, I'll do a separate photo post for Scraps soon instead!
Dot's dress

The large Lalas come with a fabric dress! The detail on these dresses is super nice, and each one is sewn to match their personality. Since Dot is an astronaut, she has a space dress! (So cute!)

The layers under the skirt stack up to make a really pretty effect, blending the blue and red! I really love it

Another super cute thing about the big Lalas is their little 'stitched' tummy button! It's so adorable! You can also see the legs here - they can swing forward into sitting. (but not backwards)

The plastic formed hair is one of the most unique things about Lalaloopsy, and I really like the style. It looks like giant pieces of wool, but the over all look still has a charming plastic quality to it.

Lalaloopsy always seem to have gorgeous long boots with laces! 

They have cuts in the back for easy clothes swapping! There's also a little heart on each foot, labelling the shoes L and R! Cute~~

The quality of Dot is wonderful, and she makes a really striking display piece. She can't stand or even sit on her own, which is difficult - (due to her extremely large head), but nevertheless, once positioned, she looks eye catching!

Stay tuned for my Scraps photos!

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  1. She's so lovely *___* I love all of the details they put in! The buttons and lace on her dress are my favourite parts~


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