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Thursday, 16 January 2014

Most Wanted Dolls

Like every doll collector, I have a mental list of dolls that I really adore and would love to own. 
Here are some of my top most wanted dollies! (Pictures are the stock photos)

Monster High New Scaremester Clawdeen
I love this doll so much! Usually I don't like dolls with short hair because brushing and styling long hair is one of my favourite things to do with my dolls. But Clawdeen looks so fab in this green and purple short bob! Love that black jacket too! 
Also, have you seen that eye make up?
Adorable! I love the leopard and the pink eyeliner. 

Monster High: Clawdia Wolf Hauntlywood

OK I've got to be honest with you, I'm not really a fan of the original doll here. But I have so many awesome ideas for customising her! Firstly I'd like to reroot her with black curly hair, and maybe lose the shoes and gold accessories... her grin is the cutest thing ever, there's just a few things I'd change. I don't know why they gave her such a weird colour of hair to be honest, I think it's because otherwise she'd have looked too normal, since MH dolls always have something quirky (I realised the other day that Cleo (and Nefera I guess) is probably the only female MH doll that you could strip down and repaint, reroot etc without having to change the skin tone and make a totally natural looking doll. Like, Clawdeen has a natural human skin colour but she has ears.... Frankie is too grey/green and has bolts.... Operetta has the weird carving and pink skin... Ghoulia is too grey... Abbey is blue....Well maybe Draculaura but her skin is a little bit too pink to seem real....)

Monster High: Elissabat Hauntlywood
I absolutely adore this doll! There's nothing I'd change about her, and those shoes rock! I also think the dress is one of the nicest MH dresses I've seen.

Ever After High : Cerise Hood
I love this doll! Her colour scheme is an awesome take on little red riding hood, and her boots are seriously awesome. Doll shoes have really stepped their game up since I had dolls as a kid! I love how her long hair is hidden by the hood too. 

Ever After High : Raven Queen Legacy Day

OK I only have six words to say about this:

Actually I have one more:

Pullip Puella Magi Madoka Magica Akemi Homura

Moving into the more expensive dolls, here's the Pullip of Homura from Madoka. Madoka has quickly become a very popular anime and manga in Japan as well as internationally, so I think it is not a surprise that these dolls exist. There's also a Madoka Dal (cute) and a Tomoe Mami Pullip. None of these dolls actually look very much like their animated counterparts, since both Pullip and Madoka are stylized in their own way. However I love this doll (as well as the character) and would love to own her. 

Dal Heart Macaron

Here we have a Dal collaboration with Angelic Pretty, a famous Japanese Lolita clothing brand. I really love her little smile and long purpley pink hair! Not to mention the adorable dress!

Pullip Favourite Ribbon (Baby The Stars Shine Bright)
Here we have another Pullip collaboration with a famous lolita clothing brand! This time it's BTSSB and how adorble is that dress? All lace and ribbon and shiny! I love her hair and bow too, as well as the pink and red theme! This is new for 2014, and one of my most coveted dolls!

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