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Friday, 3 January 2014

[DOLL] Lalaloopsy Scraps Stitched N Sewn

My other Lalaloopsy - Scraps Stitched N Sewn! I love her unique colour scheme and gorgeous pink cheeks. I know that some people find Lalas scary, but to me they are just SO CUTE!
Again I imported this doll from Amazon US since it was cheaper that way. She's got a cute little dress which again is beautifully sewn!

Her details are just lovely~

So far I've been very impressed with Lalaloopsy! I feel like they are cute and different dolls. In the UK you can find them on Amazon, or if you are willing to wait a little longer, they can be cheaper on Amazon US!

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  1. The shade of pink of her cheeks is lovely! I'm so glad they made a big version after the mini was an American store specific exclusive. It;s annoying that we have to miss out on all of the cool stuff like that! Her little dress bow is just too adorable too!


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