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Friday, 17 January 2014

[PULLIP] Recent and upcoming releases Jan 2014 commentary

Recent and upcoming Pullip Releases: commentary
Note: In these segments I'm not going to discuss all the recent dolls because I don't like some of them that much (Pullip Classical Queen for example) and I don't really want to waste time being negative, especially since that could be someone else's absolute favourite doll!

So first up to discuss are Pullip Varele and Pullip Canele. These are exclusive dolls and if you want to know more about them, I think this is a great blog post! I'm new to the world of dolls so I don't know a lot about the various exclusivities and events, so posts like these are super helpful! However, despite this they are for sale on Pullip Style, which is where these photos are from. 


For me, I prefer Varele by quite a lot. The gold, black and purple scheme is absolutely adorable to me, and aren't those the cutest little tights ever? Canele is cute too, but I think she would have looked better with blue hair. The dress details are stunning, and I just love the intricacies with the puffed sleeves and lace under skirts. It's adorable!
The one thing I dislike about these dolls is the hats. I feel like they're a weird shape - I get that they're trying to be a circus tent or merry go round type thing but I just don't think it works! They're just too tall and throw the balance off. I think if I owned these dolls I'd end up taking the hats off - which you can see a picture of on Pullip Style....

Varele and Canele without their hats and curly bunch attachments.
They still look adorable of course, but it does look a bit bare -  I'd have loved a side bow instead! I'm not good at customising yet so I'm not going to risk any Pullips until I'm good! Haha! Well I might try a MIO kit at some point. I'll blog that of course....

Next up, it's.....
Pullip Princess Dahlia Cinderella!

Although she's actually Cinderella, I really like the idea of this being a doll of Elsa from Frozen, complete with gloves. I loved that film, and I'm sorry that I missed the exclusive Disney store dolls. I think the resemblance is pretty good, and I could deffo see this doll breaking out some awesome ice power!
Princess Dahlia Cinderella

Here's some offical art of Elsa from Frozen.

Finally, let's look at the Baby The Stars Shine Bright collaboration. I love these dolls, I'm a great fan of Lolita clothing brands like Angelic Pretty and BTSSB, although I could never afford or fit into the clothes! So having one of these dolls would be a good way of fulfilling those dreams just a little....

Each of these Pullips has a dress you can buy in real life, so I'll put the BTSSB pic below!
The La Robe Clair Vert dress

and... Pullip La robe vert clair!

Favorite Ribbon BTSSB dress

and the doll!

OK firstly, how amazing are those dresses? Especially that last dress.... I cannot cope with those adorable ribbons...! I love that they've turned real dresses into doll clothes. I love both of these dolls, but I like the second doll slightly more just for the long hair and I like the red dress slightly better. The headband on the blue doll is so cute though, a little princess crown! I also worry that the curled hair on the blue doll would be difficult to maintain and become easily messed up. 

I really hope I can order one of these sometime, they're so wonderful.

The red doll comes with a nurses outfit (not entirely sure why) but it's super cute, and cool that you get a change of clothes since clothes can be quite expensive! It doesn't seem like the blue doll has another outfit though.

So there are my thoughts on some of the latest Pullip releases! What are your thoughts? 

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