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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Special edition doll of Ever After High's Apple White? What are the differences?

Whilst I was browsing one of my favourite websites for doll information - dollienews - I came across this set of photos of a special Apple White doll! Some people are saying it's a special OOAK edition for a charity auction from Hamleys, others are saying it will be released as a limited line at Harrods! I can't find anything about the auction or this doll anywhere - I am really excited to find out what this doll will be. The only place these photos seem to have been put up is on Amazon's product listing for the regular doll, which seems a bit strange.
 It looks like she'll be expensive... but wow her details are amazing!

Comparing to my Apple doll, here are the differences I've seen
Differences: Tiny sequins on the patterned white sleeves, less 'shading' on the criss-cross pattern, possibly a shinier fabric? A real-life quality necklace, and the lace looks finer and better quality too. The stitching is black, not red.

Instead of flat red lips with 3 dots of lighter pink, this doll has red with a shimmering finish. Her earrings, ring and bracelet have transformed from their plastic counterparts into beautiful real-life looking pieces.

Her hair piece crown is hollow instead of one chunk like her previous crown. The crown is red but it seems to have been painted with a shiny gold paint, and the bow looks like it's been painted with some glitter too. It looks like her hair is parted both ways, whereas on my doll the hair of her fringe is only going one way.

Finally we have the dress bottom and her bag. The bag is quite different, having been tranformed into a shiny metal apple which clips to her arm. She's also gained some bracelets on the other arm. The material of her dress skirt is slightly different - there's a dark red lace petticoat or trim which is not on the original doll, and the original doll has printed gold patterns whereas the new doll has a golden layer of fabric. The pattern on the outer dress seems to be the same, although again her lace seems more refined.

I'm really looking forward to seeing more of this doll and finding out where she's going to be sold! It would be amazing if all the dolls were remade like this too.

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